Technology platforms

Generating new and active biological molecules is not possible without appropriate technologies. Pure Biologics has developed two platforms enabling fast and efficient identification of antibodies and aptamers. We leverage these platforms to readily discover new candidates for drugs, therapeutic devices or diagnostic tools – both for own needs and for contract research purposes. These unique technological assets in the form of our PureSelect2 and PureApta selection platforms ensure Pure Biologics’ full independence, starting from the earliest stages of new project developments.

PureSelect2 is our platform for obtaining antibodies in vitro using phage display technology. It is the successor and more advanced version of our previous selection platform – PureSelect. PureSelect2 overcomes previous limitations, thereby increasing the efficiency and versatility of the selection process, and enabling the discovery of antibodies against almost any molecular target.

PureApta is our platform for obtaining DNA aptamers with the possibility of chemical modification, is a platform for the selection of aptamers with improved specificity, selectivity and resistance to degradation. PureApta enables the discovery of aptamers for use in the development of biopharmaceuticals, medical devices and diagnostic tests.

Innovative modular PureApta service platform for selection of modified aptamers with diagnostic and therapeutic potential
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