Pure Biologics was established in 2010 in Wrocław.

Founders were graduates and scientists from the Faculty of Biotechnology of the University of Wrocław.

In 2012, the Company connected its operations with the Wroclaw Technology Park, where it moved its laboratories and headquarters. During these early days, the Company primarily pursued contracted research in the life science sector, particularly recombinant protein production and purification services.

Since 2013, the Company conducted its own research & development activities, inspiring investigative work on technology platforms for in vitro selection of antibodies and aptamers destined for use in other projects. This same year, the Company also acquired its first national and international grants to develop these ideas.

In 2014, Pure Biologics was transformed from a civil law partnership to a limited liability company. At the same time, work began on additional projects as well as brand building.

In 2015, Pure Biologics filed its first patent application, based on the aptamer selection platform being developed. This covers unique modifications of selected aptamers, which increase both their selectivity and strength of binding.

Since 2016, the Company intensively conducts its own internal research & development programs, building a wide portfolio of projects related to drug development and medical devices for therapeutic use.

Between 2017 and 2019, Pure Biologics initiated a total of five large projects in the therapeutic area (immuno-oncology and rare diseases), based on its own knowledge and technology platforms. The Company acquired funds for over 120 million PLN for these projects. In parallel, Pure Biologics started work on additional partner-based R&D projects, aiming to further develop technology and knowledge, as well as to gain experience and business contacts. As part of these activities, Pure Biologics works on modern biotechnology solutions, collaborating with more than ten European research institutions.

For nearly eight years, Pure Biologics has not used outside capital and remained entirely self-financed. In 2017, a change in business model and a shift from contracted research towards internal research & development programs, prompted the Company to seek investors.

In 2018, Pure Biologics was transformed into a joint-stock company, listed on the NewConnect market. Up to 2020, the Company acquired almost 13 million PLN from investors for its contribution to R&D projects from its original portfolio.

Pursuing its development strategy, Pure Biologics in 2020 transferred the listing of its shares to the Main Market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange and carried out an additional issue of shares, which brought 54 million PLN.

Pure Biologics incorporation
first business partners in the area of recombinant proteins
headquarters and laboratories moved to Wroclaw Technology Park
start of internal R&D activities
first R&D projects with Polish and foreign grants
transformation into Limited Liability Corporation
first patent application in the field of aptamers
start of internal research on the development of biologically active molecules – antibody and aptamer selection
PB001 and PB002 projects receive funding
Pure Biologics becomes a member of the Horizon2020 project consortium
transformation into a joint-stock company and entering the NewConnect market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange
PB003, PB004, PB005 and PB006 projects receive funding
aptamer patent granted for the USA
entering the Main Market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange
aptamer patent granted for the EU
Establishment of a special purpose vehicle focused on accelerated development of the aptamer project PB103
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