Therapeutic portfolio

Pure Biologics’ portfolio focuses primarily on new immuno-oncology biological drugs and non-systemic therapies for patients suffering from autoimmune, neurological and other rare diseases. In 2018, we launched our first development project focused on an innovative biologic drug, with further new ideas introduced in the years that followed. Since then, we remain committed to building a balanced portfolio of active biological molecules with therapeutic potential. By leveraging our technology platforms, we independently conduct all phases of drug discovery and development projects, as well as diagnostic and therapeutic projects, steering them all to a point of entry into preclinical studies. Pure Biologics also participates in collaborative projects with Polish and international scientific research units, helping to build and sustain a scientific partnership network, and to ensure our teams’ standing as leaders in the biopharmaceutical sector.

Pure Biologics is developing an immunotherapeutic portfolio with the aim of discovering molecules that activate and direct cells of the immune system to destroy cancer cells. To achieve this, we are developing new candidates for first-in-class drugs (with new mechanisms of action) taking the form of bispecific antibodies or as antibodies bearing protein fusions which stimulate selected immune cells.

As part of our non-systemic therapy segment, Pure Biologics develops biomolecular filters based on active aptamers. This technology, utilizing available hospital infrastructure and apheresis solutions, gives us the ability to operate in any area where specific capture of a pathogen from the blood is required.

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