Development strategy

Pure Biologics has bet on a stable and balanced development in all business areas key for its operations – R&D project portfolios, scientific and business expertise, infrastructure and networking with big biotechnology and pharmaceutical players. Our plans envisage achieving financial independence and demonstrating revenue as quickly as possible, allowing us to start working on our next, advanced ideas. To this end, we focus on investments in our own, currently ongoing R&D projects, in order to efficiently commercialize their results.


Portfolio of therapeutic solutions

in the area of innovative biological drugs and medical devices. Research programs focus on therapeutic molecules being first-in-class in the immuno-oncology and neurological rare diseases segments. Our portfolio is based on proprietary technology platforms for antibody and aptamer selections.


Commercial partnership

with pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies. It  is based on acquired know-how, technology assets and qualified personnel. Partnerships focus on new solutions to broaden scientific competences and on building and strengthening business relationships.


Financing sources

for the development strategy includes internal funds, funds acquired from commercial partnerships, European Union and Polish grants for research & development projects, and financial resources acquired from licensing out developed therapeutic molecules. In the long-term, project commercialization will enable financial independence and acquisition of resources for future projects.


Developmental investments

will focus on using financial means primarily for R&D projects. Steering several projects in parallel requires substantial expenditures. Because of this, the Company intends to invest in the further development of these projects in order to build a balanced portfolio, to minimize risk and to achieve revenue from their commercialization.

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