Non-systemic therapies

In its non-systemic therapies segment, Pure Biologics is developing biomolecular filters based on active aptamers. Such technology, based on the currently available hospital infrastructure and apheresis approach, allows the company to explore any therapeutic area where there is a  need for the selective capture and removal of a disease-causing agent circulating in the patients’ blood.

Pure Biologics has begun the development of two non-systemic therapies for use in treating patients suffering from neurological autoimmune disorders – Neuromyelitis Optica (NMO) and myasthenia gravis (MG). They are both classified as rare diseases. These conditions differ in etiology, symptoms and consequences, but they usually manifest with severe symptoms, high mortality, low social awareness, and a significant shortage of effective therapies – currently, only about 5% of rare diseases have a dedicated treatment proposed.

The developed products will be used during a therapeutic apheresis procedure to which patients suffering from NMO or MG diseases are subjected. Innovative, non-systemic therapies that are developed by Pure Biologics will utilise aptamers as an active ingredient, rendering the therapy highly specific, and enabling clinical effects which are currently unattainable using standard, non-targeted apheresis.

Over the next year, Pure Biologics plans to test initial prototypes on animal models. We hope that the promising results of these studies will both accelerate the perspective of providing patients with new, life-saving therapies, and form a basis for the development of new products based on targeted apheresis.

Development of the first in class therapeutic device for use in the treatment of autoimmune neurodegenerative disease
Development of the first-in-class therapeutic medical device indicated to use during myasthenic crisis in myasthenia gravis patients
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