Immunotherapy (immunooncology, I/O) is a breakthrough cancer treatment technology, currently a top focus of the world’s largest drug development companies. The basis of this therapeutic strategy involves modulation of immune checkpoint proteins, which control the activity of the human immune system, thereby restoring or enhancing its natural ability to destroy cancer cells. In contrast to systemic chemotherapy approaches, applications of immuno-oncology enable both the development of specific drugs suitable for patients with cancers of various origins and also a reduction in side-effects.

Pure Biologics is developing an immunotherapeutic portfolio with the goal of developing molecules that activate cells of the immune system and targeting them to destroy the tumor. To this end, we are developing new candidates for first-in-class drugs (with new mechanisms of action), taking the form of either bispecific antibodies, or of antibodies fused to an immunostimulatory protein. Although primary therapeutic indications for these molecules include solid tumors such as colorectal cancer, lung cancer and breast cancer, it is predicted that medical indications will be further extended to other types of cancers during the lifespan and development of the projects.

The most advanced projects are approaching the stage of preclinical development, in which the developed molecules (the drug candidates) will be tested in animal tumor models to assess their activity and safety. In later stages, it will be necessary to conduct clinical trials on patients, thereby proving efficacy of the therapy being developed.

With its unique approach, Pure Biologics aims to develop new solutions that will address unmet medical demands of oncological patients worldwide.

Development of a bispecific antibody fragment for simultaneous cancer control and immune cell recruitment
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