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PB010 PureSelect2

The ability of antibodies to recognize a wide array of antigens, highlights their importance in drug development, medical diagnostics, and in general biotechnology applications. In 2012, Pure Biologics successfully implemented the PureSelect antibody discovery platform, which is based on phage display technology – an alternative to classical animal immunization and hybridoma approaches. Since then, and in response to market needs, our experience has identified areas requiring improvement, and has encouraged us to develop a new product with enhanced function and efficiency. The improved PureSelect2 platform can be used not only to discover potential therapeutic antibodies, which  bind specifically to their target antigens, but also to discover antibodies destined for use in various assays, sensors and other antibody-based applications.


The aim of the project is to develop an enhanced platform for discovery and production of antibody fragments by phage display.


A rapid companion diagnostic based on molecules that recognize and bind to specific analytes – antibodies, is indispensable for modern medicine. Accordingly, the number of antibody-based diagnostic tests available on the market is continuously growing. This has prompted us to design and build a new and improved platform for antibody discovery, which can translate into novel therapies and in use with other applications.

The aim of this project is to develop components required for the platform to function and to prepare new, enhanced antibody libraries, with improved diversity and performance. During this process, the platform’s performance will be subsequently benchmarked and optimized. The optimized platform will then be introduced to the market and also leveraged for internal R&D purposes.

Improvement and optimization of the first PureSelect platform as part of the PureSelect2 project will produce a more efficient discovery tool, increasing the probability of success in selection experiments, and also enabling faster and more effective steps to generate antibodies.

The PureSelect2 technology will be used by the Company for its own R&D purposes, as well as for contracted research services.


The project has concluded. The relevant library and the entire platform parameters were confirmed by performing complex antibody selections.


Title: Service technology platform for discovery of antibody fragments with therapeutic and diagnostic potential (PureSelect2)
Program: Smart Growth Operational Programme 2014-2020
Value: PLN 4 252 710,00
Contribution of European Funds: PLN 3 258 111,00
Start: 1st April 2017
End: 29th October 2020


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