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Whether you are a seasoned professional or just finishing your studies, there are many ways to start a career at Pure Biologics. If you want to face new challenges, we invite you to become a part of our international and interdisciplinary team that includes science and business. We are looking for people who want to contribute their personality and implement their ideas at a modern biopharmaceutical company in Poland.

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What our recruitment
process looks like


Let us get to know you

We look forward to receiving your submission. We are looking for those who best meet our expectations outlined in job offers.
If you applied unsolicited, be sure to include your experience, qualifications and information about how you want to develop us.
Give us time to review.
Selected candidates will be contacted.


First contact

We will call or write to explain how the recruitment process will be like.
We want our recruitment process to be transparent and without any surprises, so this will be a good time to ask questions.
We will tell you how to prepare for the recruitment and we will also present the recruiting team members.



You are ready to meet us. All details will be e-mailed to you.
At this stage, you will also be provided with the telephone number of the HR employee who will assist You before the recruitment meeting.


Recruitment stages

The number of recruiting steps depends on the position and the needs. Sometimes it is one interview, and sometimes there are multiple steps. We will pass on all the details during the first telephone call.
Example steps:
Step 1 - prior to the first meeting, we may send some assignments to test your knowledge, skills and approach to problem solving. We will invite you to the next step after a positive assessment of your solutions.
Step 2 – conversation about competences.
We will explore questions about your experience, knowledge and skills.
"WHY?" is equally important, so we also ask about motivation and predisposition to work in a group, because we want you to be the best fit for our team.
At this step, we may ask you to prepare a short presentation about yourself and your accomplishments. The details are up to your creativity.
Step 3 – you might be invited to an additional interview to meet all members of the prospective team.



On the agreed date, we will call you to present the results of the recruitment.
If you are selected, you will be provided with all the details.
However, if we decide to choose another candidate, we will not leave you unanswered – we will contact you and provide the rationale for our decision.


Welcome on board

If you are selected to join our team, we will take care of you before and during onboarding.
Our HR will reach out to you first.
We will send you for medical examinations, provide the appropriate documentation for completion, and inform you about the schedule of meetings in the first working days.
The induction days also include a series of introductory meetings.
We want you to quickly understand how we work, what projects we work on, what team you will join and who can help you during your first days of work.
Your supervisor and Buddy - a teammate you can ask about anything - will oversee your implementation.

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