20 December

We are moving!

On December 18, 2021, Pure Biologics signed a contract for the lease of space for a new headquarters. After identifying and analyzing offers from the Wrocław market, the Company decided for the “Business Garden” complex at Legnicka Street. The contract was signed for 10 years, and the move is planned for the fourth quarter of 2022.

Currently, work is underway on detailed designs and the first functional models to show the standard of performance and test the proposed solutions.

Pure Biologics has leased ca. 3,200 m² of space, of which ca. 1,400 m² is laboratory and technical space. The design of the space provides for the application of the highest standards of safety and ergonomics at work, incl. higher airtightness class, BSL-2 laboratory for work with genetic and potentially biologically harmful material, clean room, separation of internal and external traffic or pressure cascades between rooms. The laboratory space will consist of over 30 specialized rooms, supplemented by auxiliary rooms and warehouses. In addition, there will be six completely new units there (including a mycological laboratory, a blood laboratory, or a phage laboratory). The development of these dedicated units is dictated by the progress of our projects and the need to introduce new research and development methods.

The office part, apart from work rooms, including open spaces, will also include meeting rooms, a library and social rooms. For working parents, there will be a room for nursing mothers, and for jobs that require more concentration, the so-called quiet rooms. All rooms will be designed according to a coherent concept focusing on interactions, but also on effective, safe and pleasant work in a friendly environment.

“We are extremely pleased with the significant changes in the laboratory infrastructure, which will provide us not only with top-class, world-class laboratories, but also a place for development and implementation of the ambitious plans that we set for Pure Biologics for the coming years. It will also allow us to carry out some of the works in our new headquarters, which so far had to be outsourced due to the insufficient standards of cleanliness and quality available today. ” – says Dr. Filip Jeleń, President of the Board of Pure Biologics S.A.

What is also extremely important, the Company took care of favorable financial terms of the preparation of the space to the required standards, which translates into high economic efficiency of the entire investment. The total costs of preparing the higher standard laboratory rooms will amount to approximately EUR 3.7 million, of which EUR 1.6 million (43%) will be financed directly by the owner of the building, and the remaining EUR 2.1 million will be gradually accounted for in the rent.

The acquired space provides the possibility of development for the coming years, considering the possibility of expanding the portfolio of R&D projects and further employment growth. Additionally, the contract between the company and the tenant secures the possibility of further expansion.

The “Buisness Garden” complex at Legnicka Street in Wrocław is one of the largest business parks in Poland, with a total leasable area of ​​over 115,000 sq m. The buildings of the complex are certified in LEED Platinum standards, which means compliance with the highest ecological standards and translating into rational energy and waste management. The complex also offers a common space, such as green areas and gardens, space for food trucks, a buffet area and outdoor relaxation areas. The complex is located approx. 3 km from the current headquarters of Pure Biologics and is well connected to the center and other parts of the city.

By concluding the lease agreement, the Company joined the group of numerous tenants, including companies Credit Agricole, Santander, Ceneo, Capgemini, Comatec, Dolby Poland, Etteplan and Becton Dickinson.

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