3 June

Pure Biologics with a foreign partner for a new aptamer project

Pure Biologics’ contract with Relitech – a renowned Dutch medical technology provider – sets the development of an innovative aptamer filter. Relitech, basing on many years of experience in similar areas, has committed to developing a medical device using the above filter.

The contract signed with Relitech is another confirmation of the attractiveness and potential of the aptamer platform developed by Pure Biologics. We hope that in the event of  successful R&D, in the near future, the sale of the project will bring significant financial benefits to our company – explains Dr. Filip Jeleń, co-founder, significant shareholder and president of the board of Pure Biologics.

We are constantly looking for new areas of development. We treat the cooperation with Pure Biologics as a great challenge and a great business opportunity. The area of ​​aptamers is extremely interesting for us, we hope that we will be able to jointly develop a breakthrough method of therapy – comments Ivar Donker dyrektor Relitech BV

The filter developed by Pure Biologics is designed to eliminate from bodily fluids uremic toxins, which appear in diseases such as, in particular, advanced chronic kidney disease (CKD). It is a bothersome, painful disease, leading to death frequently as a result of cardiac complications. According to statistics, from the moment of starting treatment with currently available methods, 15-20% patients die in the first year of treatment. Less than half survives more than 5 years. The suffering people live, on average, 25 years shorter than healthy people. CKD affects on average 310 people per million worldwide, but for Western Europe it is already 478 people, at the same time the incidence is growing at a rate of 5.5%. annually.

Assuming the project’s success, the potential market for breakthrough therapy in Europe alone is estimated at over EUR 2 billion per year.

The cooperation with Relitech is in recent months the third aptamer project carried out by Pure Biologics with the participation of an external partner.

We see great interest in the possibilities of our aptamer platform and know-how and experience in this area. We have already established three partnerships since the middle of last year, each of them based on a different business model. We are conducting various talks and we do not rule out further aptamer alliances – points out Dr. Filip Jeleń.

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