30 November

Pure Biologics has licensed the patented technology platform PureApta to Novaptech

Pure Biologics has licensed the patented technology platform PureApta™, comprising chemical modifications of aptamers and their applications, to French company Novaptech, who offers tests, sensors and other solutions based on aptamers.

Novaptech intends to test Pure Biologics solutions in its projects, where the use of modified aptamers may prove to be an important factor improving the parameters of the developed products.

“The PureApta™ platform of Pure Biologics will expand the scope of our NOVAswitch technology exquisitely suited to low molecular weight molecules, targets of interest for the agri-food industry and for environmental applications.” – says Dr. Jean-Jacques Toulmé, Chief Scientific Officer at Novaptech.

The license is an introduction to the commercialization of the PureApta project results and patents for modified aptamers developed by Pure Biologics. Such agreements are also important to test Pure Biologics’ aptamer know-how in other applications.

“At Pure Biologics, we use our modified aptamers in projects developing extracorporeal therapies and targeted chemotherapy. It is worth noting, however, that these aptamer solutions may be useful in other areas as well. License agreements, such as the one with Novaptech, allow our solutions to be tested by leaders in their respective areas” – says Dr. Przemysław Jurek, Chief Business Officer at Pure Biologics.

The license provides the Pure Biologics’ aptamer technology for research and development in Novaptech projects and assumes a joint decision as to the further commercialization of the developed solutions.


About Novaptech

Novaptech, from Bordeaux, France, provides worldwide aptamer services, collaborating with biotechnology, pharmaceutical and agri-food companies. It delivers aptamer development services for biosensor devices for rapid tests and analysis for pharma, animal health, environment, and food safety. Dr. Jean-Jacques Toulmé, a world-class expert in the field of aptamer technology, with close to 30 years of experience in the area, is the Novaptech Chief Scientific Officer.

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