8 October

Pure Biologics at the Writing the Future of Drug Discovery and Development

Pure Biologics was invited to the event: “Writing the Future of Drug Discovery and Development”, where it will present the first results of partnering with Twist Bioscience Corporation.

The event will take place on October 13, 2021 and will gather innovators working in drug development to share their research and discuss their thoughts on what the future holds for medicine. Pure Biologics, along with Pfizer and Novo Nordisk, will be one of several partners invited to share their experiences and results.

Dr. Tomasz Klaus, Antibody Research Group Leader, will present the results of using Twist Bioscience synthetic antibody libraries. Access to these libraries is the result of an agreement concluded in April 2021 between the companies. The selected libraries are designed to increase the chances of successful selection against specific groups of molecular targets and to allow easier generation of bispecific antibodies. The companies worked together to discover, validate and optimize new antibodies towards molecular targets attractive for immuno-oncology therapies developed by Pure Biologics.

Using the Twist Bioscience Hyperimmune scFv library, which is based on human sequences directly, Pure Biologics identified novel antibodies binding targets from its project portfolio. These antibodies were then positively validated in cell binding assays. The results underline the great utility of the library under real-world drug development conditions and show that the proteins selected in the Pure Biologics projects are good molecular targets for antibody selection, and that the antibody discovery strategy used is effective and efficient.

Pure Biologics and Twist Bioscience Corporation will continue partnering in this area.

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