9 February

European patent for modified aptamers (PB012 PureApta)

The European Patent Office completed the substantive examination of the patent application “The method of synthesis and purification of a nucleoside and/or a nucleotide, a modified nucleoside and/or nucleotide, a DNA molecule and an oligonucleotide library comprising said modified nucleoside and/or nucleotide, and the use of said oligonucleotide library” and issued a decision on granting the patent.

The patent filling covers the foundations of the PureApta technology platform, that utilizes modified aptamers. In particular, it covers chemical modifications and methods of their introduction into aptamers, as well as the construction of libraries of modified sequences and their use for in vitro selection of aptamer molecules with therapeutic and diagnostic potential.

The patent filed under the number EP16846944.3 will be issued after the completion of formal procedures (fees and translations) within a few months and it will be the next, after the American, patent for this technology.

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