3 February

Agreement for the use of the PureApta platform with a guarantee of participation in future profits

On February 2, 2022, Pure Biologics signed an agreement guaranteeing the sharing of profits from the commercialization of the aptamer developed under the contract research assignment.

The subject of the order is the development of an aptamer, i.e. a short chain of DNA that binds specific molecules, and in this case recognizes a specific protein. The aptamer selection will use the proprietary PureApta™ platform. The order is subject to a one-time remuneration (“upfront payment”) in the amount of PLN 214’000.

In addition to the order, an agreement was signed with the client guaranteeing profit sharing. Under this agreement, the Company is entitled to a 6% share in the client’s net profits from commercialization of the therapeutic solution using the developed aptamer (“success fee”). Commercialization may take place through the sale or licensing of a solution at every stage of its development.

The aptamer developed for the client will be used by them in the project of an innovative therapeutic solution with antiviral potential, in which the specific and strong binding of the selected molecular target will be of key importance.

I am extremely pleased with the signed contract. It shows how wide the potential of using our platform is, which is noticed not only by us, but also by many industry entities. And the provision regarding participation in future profits is equally important to us, because we believe that PureApta™ offers many opportunities for commercialization, also among drug candidates – said Dr. Filip Jeleń, President of the Board of Pure Biologics S.A.

This is another example of commercialization of the effects of the PureApta™ platform, created as a result of the implementation of the R&D project co-financed by European and national funds. In November, the Company announced the concluion of a license agreement providing the Pure Biologics aptamer technology for research and development in Novaptech projects, with the possibility of commercialization of the solutions developed there.

The concluded deal and negotiated approach to ensure profit sharing is the first of its kind for PureApta ™. It will allow to gather the necessary experience and develop solutions that will be used to commercialize the results of ongoing R&D projects, not only in the area of ​​aptamers, but above all in the area of ​​drug candidates based on antibodies.

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