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Proteins – expression, purification, production

From gene to product: complete solution to express, purify and re-fold proteins.

Enzymes, proteins and peptides – workhorses of cells. Additionally, the components of many products, pharmaceuticals or research and diagnostic tools. Proteins are obvious research, investigation and development targets. However, considering a plethora of proteins and their sources, producing them often proves to be extremely challenging.

Pure Biologics offers a comprehensive protein expression, purification and production service – from gene, through expression, optimization and purification, to the fully characterized protein.

This service is based on a readily customizable approach to perfectly fulfill your needs and encompasses:

  • Recombinant protein expression and purification in bacteria,
  • Small-scale expression and purification in mammalian cell cultures,
  • Bioreactor-based production,
  • Protein purification from natural sources – bodily fluids, plants, tissues, media, etc.
  • Construct design, optimization and validation,
  • Expression screening and optimization,
  • Protein modifications, tagging, labelling,
  • Protein optimization – solubility, folding, stability,
  • Protein analysis and confirmation – circular dichroism (CD), size exclusion chromatography (SEC), dynamic light scattering (DLS), mass spectrometry (MS) and others.

The end result is a fully characterized and tested protein, ready for various assays or other applications, including therapeutic candidates.

This service can be complemented with Pure Biologics’ other services, including:

delivering you the complete biotechnological solution.



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