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Biophysical analysis – binding, interactions, characterization

Characterizing molecular interactions of (bio)molecules and their targets.

Characterizing molecular interactions is a key analysis in any ligand-receptor based application. Antibodies, aptamers, and their kin – if the goal is to utilize these binding molecules in downstream applications, including assays, drug candidates, effectors or detectors,  reliable and precise data on their affinity, binding coefficients, and kinetics is a must.

Relying on its experience in contractual R&D of binding molecules, numerous proprietary projects on therapeutic antibodies and aptamers, Pure Biologics offers comprehensive support in characterizing macromolecules and molecular interactions of binding molecules and their targets.

This fully customizable service is based on:

  • SPR – Surface Plasmon Resonance,
  • BLI (Octet) – Bio-layer Interferometry,
  • MST – Microscale Thermophoresis,
  • Macromolecule analysis techniques – DLS (Dynamic Light Scattering), SEC (Size Exclusion Chromatography), DSF (Differential Scanning Fluorometry),
  • Epitope binning – characterizing monoclonal antibody epitopes.
  • Binding kinetics and parameters – kon, koff, KD.
  • Stability of formulations – including folding/unfolding characteristics and Tm,

providing a state-of-the-art, detailed description of molecular binding characteristics and parameters.

These data can be directly used to fuel your own research, to satisfy any regulatory proceedings or serve as the basis to launch a co-operation with Pure Biologics in the linked areas of:

Pure Biologics – providing you complete biotechnological solutions.



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