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Aptamers – selection, modification, validation

Using a proprietary platform with patented chemical modifications for better aptamers.

Aptamers are small, single-stranded DNA or RNA molecules, folding into unique, sequence-driven secondary structures, which allows them to bind various targets with high specificity and affinity. Aptamers can be modified to further enhance their binding properties or to add new functions.

Pure Biologics offers a complete DNA aptamer selection service – from the raw target to the ready-to-produce aptamer molecule.

This complex service is characterized by a fully customizable approach to perfectly fulfill your needs and includes:

  • A full selection campaign against various targets such as: natural and synthetic molecules, peptides, proteins, bacteria or eukaryotic cells, including stringent counter-selection steps and highly customizable conditions.
  • Next Generation Sequencing of the entire selected pool from every selection round, plus additional background samples.
  • Finding the best candidates in the pool via proprietary bioinformatic tools.
  • Evaluating recommended and custom modifications.
  • Selecting aptamers with the best binding characteristics.
  • Biophysical analysis of binding using several orthogonal methods.

Utilizing our proprietary, patented PureApta platform, we can also propose a wide variety of chemical modifications to enhance aptamer stability, resistance, binding properties (via nucleobase modifications), or to introduce novel customer-tailored functions.

The end results are aptamer sequences with defined properties, ready for various assays or other applications.

This service can be complemented with Pure Biologics’ other services, including:

delivering you the complete biotechnological solution.



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