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Antibodies – selection, generation, validation

In vitro phage display-based selection platform with in-house antigen production.

Antibodies used in research and as therapeutics are raised mostly in vivo by immunization of animals and subsequent selection by use of hybridoma technology. Antibodies obtained using these strategies must be then “humanized” in order to be immunologically compatible with humans.

Pure Biologics offers a complete monoclonal antibody selection service – from the raw target to the fully characterized antibody – utilizing an in vitro selection strategy using phage display technology with no further need to “humanize”.

This complex service utilizes our proprietary PureSelect2 technology platform for selection of high-affinity human recombinant antibodies against various molecular targets, including small molecules, peptides, proteins or whole cells expressing the antigen of interest.

The service is based on a readily customizable approach to perfectly fulfill your needs and it relies on:

  • Selecting interacting clones in a high-throughput format via phage display – combining extensive depletion steps with a positive selection on solid phase or in solution.
  • Constructing a secondary library for re-selection (maturation) – further enhancing the affinity, stability or compatibility with humans.
  • Transforming antibody fragments into other formats – full IgG, Fab, scFv-dimer and others.
  • Biophysical analysis of binding using several orthogonal methods.
  • Chemically modifying and improving antibodies – creating conjugates or tagged antibodies, removing N-glycosylation sites.
  • Validating antibodies – via ELISA, in a cellular context, via flow cytometry or with dedicated functional tests (e.g. immunoassays).

The end results are fully characterized and validated antibodies, ready for various assays or other applications, including therapeutic candidates.

This service can be complemented with Pure Biologics’ other services, including:

delivering you the complete biotechnological solution.



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