Internships and co-ops

Internships at Pure Biologics - opportunity for development

We support junior scientists in gaining industry experience, especially all who have acquired their basic biotechnology training and are convinced that working at a biotech company is their professional goal. Internships and co-op training in our company involves working under the supervision of experts. We encourage and invite all motivated individuals who are interested in further skill and career development to contact us.

Recruitment continues throughout the year, according to the needs of the different research groups and other departments. Internships and co-ops can be either paid or unpaid, depending on the type and duration of work involved. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide feedback to every applicant. According to our needs, we only contact selected candidates, whom we want to invite to take part in the competition for an internship or internship.

Student Internships

Student internships require active enrollment and status as a university student. An internship ends, at latest, on the final day of graduation. Interns are covered, either by a direct contract with Pure Biologics, or by a contract between the university and Pure Biologics or a trilateral contract prepared by the university.

Graduate Internships

Graduate internships require that a person has finished at least secondary school education, and at the start of internship, is under 30 years of age. In total, an internship period cannot last longer than 3 months.

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