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Pure Biologics is a specialized contract research organization with expertise in recombinant protein production, purification and biophysical analyzes. We proved ourselves in this field successfully completing tens of research projects and collaborating with entities worldwide.


We have a great track record of successful generation and formulation of recombinant proteins and antibodies at their discovery stage as drug candidates for preclinical studies or diagnostics. Together with detailed biophysical characterization of biologics, protein engineering and custom assay development abilities, we serve our numerous collaborators not only as a service provider, but primarily as a professional think tank and R&D partner solving complex protein related problems.

Research and Development

A preparation for the treatment of bacterial infections in honey bee

A bacteriophage-based preparation for the treatment and prevention of bacterial infection in honey bee

A platform for discovery of antibody fragments - PureSelect2

Service technology platform for discovery of antibody fragments with therapeutic and diagnostic potential

Project grants

Ongoing projects with public funding

New Aptamer discovery platform development - PureApta

Innovative, modular approach for library construction for chemically-modified aptamers selection

Cancer diagnostics

Diagnostic test for early detection of urological cancers


Invitation for partnerships (e.g. Horizon 2020)


The key to our success in delivering active, homogenous and biocompatible protein preparations is skillful application and connection of array of approaches. Starting from bioinformatics through selection of appropriate expression platforms, purification strategies, applying sophisticated prep analytics in every stage of process development.



ProteinCamp 2017




This job offer for Biotechnologist position is only available in Polish. [PDF file]

New R&D projects


Pure Biologics received funding for R&D projects realization from the Smart Growth Operational Programme 2014-2020:

New job offer (only PL)


This job offer for R&D SPECIALIST position is only available in Polish. [PDF file]

New job offer


Pure Biologics is seeking a candidate for a position:

Research & Development Specialist / Main project executor

Location: Wrocław, Poland

[PDF file with job description]

ProteinCamp in Berlin 19.5.2016


Take part in the first biotech barcamp in Berlin: www.protein.camp.

German Days on Biotechnology in Leipzig


German Days on Biotechnology is the biggest biotech conference in Germany. We gave a lecture about biotech industry in CEE and shared our insights on entering the German biotech market.

The Future of Swedish & Danish Life Science - conference in Lund


We used the possibillity of visiting the Medicon Village and won our first Swedish customer.

Potsdam Days on Bioanalysis


Very promising talks during a conference in Potsdam.

AGM of BIO Deutschland


As member of BIO Deutschland we took part at AGM. Dr. Filip Jeleń, CEO of Pure Biologics, presented his candidacy for board of directors of this cluster, in front of the German biotech companies' representatives.

bionection in Leipzig


Interesting talks during biotech cluster "biosaxony" conference.

Visit us in our branch in Berlin


New branch - in Berlin, Germany.

Biotech meets Digital Health Startups in Berlin


Networking in Berlin.

General Assembly of biosaxony in Dresden


Pure Biologics is member of biotech cluster in Saxony. In the end of June we took part in the general assembly and also in summer party, networking with other cluster members.

Summer Reception of German and Polish Business in Berlin


Reception was organized by Polish Embassy in Berlin.

Bionnale in Berlin


German market is our goal for 2nd half of 2015. We visited biotech event in Berlin - Bionnale.



On 20th and 21st of May we were participating in the 15th BioForum –  the biggest international event for biotechnology in Central Europe.

17th CABS Annual BioPacific Conference in California


Pure Biologics was the silver sponsor and exhibitor at 17th CABS Annual BioPacific Conference in the San Francisco Bay Area at San Mateo.

5th Halle Conference on Recombinant Proteins


On 19-20th March 2015, six Pure Biologics’ team members participated in 5th Halle Conference On Recombinant Proteins in Halle (Saale), Germany.

CBA conference


Pure Biologics sponsored and participated in the 17th CBA conference, Foster City, CA, USA.

Polish-German Biotech


Polish-German economic conference on "Applied biotechnology in cross-border cooperation between Poland and the Berlin-Brandenburg region"

UC Berkeley talk


We were exchanging ideas and gave a talk at CABS & ACE event at UC Berkeley, CA.

BIO Convention 2014


We will be participating in BIO International Convention. See you in San Diego!

Our team

Pure Biologics is a team of extremely talented and energetic people, who are passionate about pursuing each new project. Our high success rate in solving complex protein related problems inherent in the their development process, comes from our intransigence, thorough analysis of the literature prior to each project, complement skills, quality of experiments design and their perfect execution.


Contact Us

Pure Biologics Ltd

Duńska 11, 54-427 Wrocław, Poland

Rudower Chaussee 29, 12489 Berlin, Germany

+48 570 00 2829

+49 30 208 475 89

+1 415 830 6341
+1 650 318 1828 

SKYPE: purebiologics


Reg. number: 021305772, Share capital: 90 000 PLN, NIP 894-300-3192;
KRS: 0000507993, registered in the Regional Court for the Wroclaw-Fabryczna, VI Commercial Department of the National Court
Account number: PLN: PL91 1910 1048 2413 8898 0102 0001 (BREXPLPWMBK)
                        EUR: PL04 1140 2004 0000 3612 0402 0160 (BREXPLPWMBK)

Press note 1

Proteins are high molecular weight molecules composed of amino acids. They are the building blocks of all living organisms and play role in all their crucial functions. Due to their complexity, their production in the laboratory, demands technologies utilizing living microbes or cells. Recombinant protein is obtained by DNA recombination using variety of molecular biology techniques. It is the first step in the protein production in vitro. The subsequent ones are: protein expression (its biosynthesis in bacterial or mammalian cells) and purification (proteins chromatography).

Pure Biologics – specialized contract research organization - offers protein production and contract research services with a main focus on high quality contract protein manufacturing for preclinical studies of biological drug leads or for diagnostics development. As a company offering custom proteins we effectively respond to the needs of pharmaceutical and biotech companies, as well as research institutions, for which recombinant protein production is usually crucial for scientific objectives. Another strong branch of our services is a detailed analysis of proteins.

It often happens that not the protein downstream processing or protein purification itself is the most challenging step, but its efficient production in soluble form to maintain biological activity. Thus, Pure Biologics offers proprietary methodology allowing for protein refolding, i.e. renaturation of inactive proteins produced in insoluble form.

Currently, recombinant monoclonal specific antibodies constitute the most important group of biopharmaceuticals/biologics. The standard, classical way of antibody development is still done through animal immunization. Even though protein engineering allows for antibodies humanization, they still exhibit many side effects. Therefore, Pure Biologics offers recombinant antibody development by an alternative in vitro approach – antibody selection from libraries using Phage Display technology. Human recombinant antibodies obtained by this way are often characterized by better affinity parameters than those arising from classical methods.  

As professionals and enthusiasts, we are constantly extending our portfolio of services. Pure Biologics also offers: protein analytics, assay development, assessment of enzymatic activity, affinity measurements, protein stability measurements and protein conjugation. We mastered many proteomics approaches for protein identification, direct mass measurement and protein sequencing using mass spectrometry service (MS analysis). Pure Biologics has also long-term experience in bioinformatics analysis and genome sequencing projects.

Press note 2

Pure Biologics is a specialized Contract Research Organization & CMO with expertise on proteomics, particularly on protein engineering, efficient recombinant antibody and recombinant protein production.

The company provides a complete gene to protein service. Starting from vector construction with applicable molecular biology methods, through protein expression and protein purification using proteins chromatography we deliver pure custom proteins with the highest quality. In cases where the protein downstream processing results in getting recombinant protein in insoluble form as inclusion bodies, lacking its native structure and biological activity, the company has unique expertise in protein refolding. Together with detailed analysis of proteins and custom assay development, we offer a wide range of services to companies in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries which conduct research on biologics as potential drug candidates in preclinical studies. We mastered also methods for antibody selection through Phage Display to obtain specific antiobodies for biomedical and diagnostic use. Recombinant antibodies obtained by this way, instead of classical immunization, are often characterized by better affinity parameters.

The company is mainly focused on protein production and antibody development services. Apart from contract protein manufacturing, we provide services on protein analytics and protein conjugation. Pure Biologics offers a comprehensive range of bioanalytical protein characterization methods, including protein sequencing using mass spectrometry service (MS analysis), studies of enzymatic activity, protein stability and affinity measurements. Our team of specialists is also experienced in bioinformatics and genome sequencing projects.