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March 26, 2020

How Pure Biologics countermeasures COVID-19 spreading?

 From the beginning we stay vigilant about the coronavirus pandemic and took action to ensure the safety of our employees and their families, as well as the continuity of our […]


June 6, 2019

First-Aid training

A first part of the Pure Biologics team is undertaking a First-Aid training today under the supervison of Emergency Medical Service. Practical as well as the theoretical knowledge of behaviour […]


June 5, 2019

AptaMG Project

Pure Biologics S.A. has been issued with a positive decision from the National Centre for Research and Development (NCBR) regarding funding of new medical device development. Project entitled “Development of […]


Internal Research and Development

The main area of Pure Biologics' activity is the development of new therapies and diagnostic solutions in the field of immunooncology, oncology, and rare diseases. In 2018, we initiated our first internal R&D project in that field, starting with MultiBody (PB-001). By the end of 2019Q1 we plan to launch two more projects for the antibody-based drug candidate development.

At the same time we started our Aptapheresis project (PB-002) for a development of a new therapeutic medical device based on aptamers, and we are continue our projects in the field of oncological screening.

Contract research

Pure Biologics is a Polish leader in the technology of in vitro selection from antibody and aptamer libraries. We are also one of the few european entities offering such expertise on a CRO-basis. Our know-how is the foundation for the contract research opprotunities we are offering our Customers and Partners. Our second expertise lies in the field of recombinant proteins, protein bioengineering, and characterization. Overall, we are distinguished by a wide spectrum of offered expression platforms and a wide range of analytical services.

Investor relations

Pure Biologics is the first Polish company investing their R&D resources into an innovative drug segment, where antibody, antibody-based construct or aptamer is used as an active biological agent. Our experience gathered over the years of company's existence, as well as by our researchers worldwide, business know-how and a beneficial operating model enabled us to take up a bigger challenge of internal R&D development in line with global pharmaceutical trends, bringing a return of over ten times.